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mmm [01 Aug 2005|12:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

heyyyyyy! i just wanted to let all of you wonderful fellow DMB lovers that you should check out and join dmb_graphix ..you can put in your own pictures, colorbars, icons or just ANYTHING dave if you like! thanks much!

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please help me [31 May 2005|01:38pm]

someone posted this question in a bob dylan community and i was curious about it. do any you amazing dmb obssessed know any dmb songs that are not really "i love you!!" but more along the lines of "i really like you." but also that don't say "she," "her," etc.??

more specifically, though i think it'll be tougher a dmb song that says "i've like you forever and am dying to tell you"???

feeling up for a challenge?

thank-you guys in advance ♥
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reason number 7,563,512,496 i love dave matthews [27 May 2005|01:17pm]


dave wants to save all of the elephants in swaziland Collapse )

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Hello there fellow DMB lover!! [21 Apr 2005|02:40pm]
[ mood | in the need of some good DMB ]

I never thought that I'd see so many DMB lovers. I figured for the longest time I was the only one out there. Everyone I've talked to about DMB has been like...who? What's a DMB? lol. Little do they know he's one of the greatest men in the world!! :)

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Randomness [03 Nov 2004|09:11pm]

First I've been so busy with school and trying to pass certain classes I completely forgot about this community until someone commented on an old post :)


While listening to a version of #41 with Bela Fleck where Futuraman(sp?) and Carter do a little dueling soloing...I'm sure someone else knows what I'm talking about. It's AMAZING. Anyways, back to the point, so I'm driving home from class and i kinda just started to daydream... and in this day dream I pictured Carter having 10 hands and 5 feet cuz no way could he being making that sound otherwise. And then I came back to reality and realized how funny Carter would look with 8 extra arms and 3 extra feet so i figured that they must be invisible.

Anyone else think he's got some invisible extremities?

Well that's my randomness for a day
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Hello Friends [01 Jun 2004|12:23am]

Well it's almost time for the summer tour to start up i'll be at the July 6th show in Ma... where's everyone else going to be?

Also i know it's alittle off topic of dave but Anyone else hear about the Dispatch concert in Boston on July 31st... freeeeeeeeeee oh man... that'll be a great show definately gonna be there

Well then take it easy everyone
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Ooh I am In love with Mr Dave As Well [31 May 2004|10:04pm]

I am as well a big Dave Matthews fan. Iv'e not actually been to any of his concert's yet, but on June 26th, in going in Burgettstown. Are any of you going to that one?? So what are your guy's favorite songs??
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any ideas? [18 Mar 2004|10:54pm]

so yeah... i dunno it just seems like this thing's collecting dust any ideas to get this community off the ground and functioning as something other than just a waste of space :)
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new [13 Mar 2004|12:25am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

i've been a dmb fan for SO long.
i've been to more than 55 shows.
i'm going to 4 so far this summer and am uber excited!

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Well [09 Mar 2004|03:32pm]

I can't wait for the summer tour to start up i dont even know how i'm gonna afford tickets but i'll FIND a way ... If anyone reads this lets hear what shows you might be going to... for me i'm hoping to get both shows in mansfield mass at the tweeter center :)

7/6 and 7/7 :)

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Hello [06 Mar 2004|12:12am]

Hello fellow DMB fans....

I'm John i'm the monderator of this community. Anyone willing to join is welcome to, the more the merrier. So start telling your friends about this new outlet to talk about dave matthews, plus other related topics as well. I'm very open to expanding the topics that this page can cover.

Well, as of this moment i dont even know if anyone will join this community, but it's worth a shot i guess. Take it easy everyone.

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