Colonel Forbin (whatkatiedid164) wrote in bigeyedfish_41,
Colonel Forbin

please help me

someone posted this question in a bob dylan community and i was curious about it. do any you amazing dmb obssessed know any dmb songs that are not really "i love you!!" but more along the lines of "i really like you." but also that don't say "she," "her," etc.??

more specifically, though i think it'll be tougher a dmb song that says "i've like you forever and am dying to tell you"???

feeling up for a challenge?

thank-you guys in advance ♥
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is this for anybody in particular or are you just wondering?
there is def. someone in particular in mind but im still debating whether or not to let them know. if i find a song that fits into the situation well enough then i'll tell them.

where words fail, run to dave matthews.