John Davenport (johndav18) wrote in bigeyedfish_41,
John Davenport


I can't wait for the summer tour to start up i dont even know how i'm gonna afford tickets but i'll FIND a way ... If anyone reads this lets hear what shows you might be going to... for me i'm hoping to get both shows in mansfield mass at the tweeter center :)

7/6 and 7/7 :)

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4/3, 7/23, 7/13, and 6/30
hey.. im going to the show on the 6th.. its my first one what can i expect?
all i can say is to expect a great night filled w/ dave....he changes up set lists so much its so hard to even expect anything... but i'm sure you'll have a great time i'll never forget my first dave show :)
I still haven't been to a dmb show, but my first is coming up in september. I hail from canada, and dave just doesn't seem to come north of the border (well, not to my area) very often so I'm road tripping down to the gorge in washington to see them. I'm already pumped and the concert's not until september, but it's gonna be a hell of a time. I haven't heard the new cd/dvd set live from the gorge... anyone else? should I spent the $40?